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Chav joke 1

My chav cousin got run over yesterday and he's in hospital today.
It's made me think about the things that are important in life...
Like reversing your car and finishing the job.

Chav joke 2
What's a chav's favourite type of car?
One without an alarm.

Chav joke 3
Why did the chav cross the road?
Because I was chasing the fucker with my chainsaw.

Chav joke 4
I've been having a lot of trouble recently with chavs, knocking on my door and generally harassing me.
But I suppose that's what comes with being the council estate drug dealer.

Chav joke 5

One of the great questions of mankind...
What's the difference between chavs and animals? (v1)
Its cruel to keep animals in cages

Chav joke 6
Because we're not allowed to hunt foxes anymore, we've started on chavs.
They can't move as fast, but at least no one complains.

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