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Free Chav Joke 10

A chav and his girlfriend are walking through the shopping centre on night. She sees a necklace in a window of a jewellers and says "oh, Darren, I"d love that!" so Darren throws a brick through the window and gives her the necklace. A bit further down, she sees a handbag in a clothes shop window and says "oh, Darren, I"d REALLY love that!" so Darren throws a brick through the window of the shop and hands her the handbag. Further along she stops outside a shoe shop and says "ooh, Darren I"d REALLY REALLY love those!" and Darren says "What"s the matter with you Sharon, do you think I"m made of bricks

Free Chav Joke 8
What do you call a chav in a suit?
A fucking cunt.

Don't let the suit fool you.

Free Chav Joke 9

Two chavs in a car going 80 mph. Who's driving?

ie Wonder, hopefully.

Chav Joke 8

Q) What do you call a chav in a bee-hive?
A) Buzzin'

Chav Joke 9

Q) What’s wrong with putting 4 chavs in a mini bus and pushing it over a cliff?
A) You can fit 18 in a mini bus

Chav Joke 10

Q) If you see a Chav on a bike, why should you try not to hit him?
A) It could be your bike

Chav Joke 9

Q) What do chavs and slinkies have in common?
A) They're both useless, but it's fun to watch them fall down stairs

Chav Joke 10

Q) What's more fun than watching a chav fall down a flight of stairs?
A) Pushing one down

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