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Jesus once said give a man a fish and he will have a fish well what's that got to do with a Website full of Free Adult Jokes I hear you ask, Fucked if I know but it got your attention didn't it. The biggest and best site for all your Free Jokes and Adult Rude Funny Pictures.

Free old man joke

An old man goes for a check up at the doctor’s. The doctor runs the tests then sits the old man down.
“I’m very sorry,” he says. “I’ve got a couple of bits of bad news to impart. Firstly, you have cancer.”
The old man is shocked and a tear wells up in his eye. The doctor waits for a minute for the news to sink in and then carries on, “And you are also showing early stages of Alzheimers disease. I’m really, very sorry.”
The old man sits in silence for a little while longer, head hung down. Finally he looks up and puts a brave smile on his face.
“I suppose it could be worse,” he says. “I could have cancer.”

Free adult joke

What did one peedo say to the other peedo when they saw a six year old girl walk past?
“I bet she was nice when she was younger.”

Just another free joke with adult humour

What’s the difference between menstrual blood and sand?
You can’t gargle sand.

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