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Free adult joke about s*x

A guy was having sex with a girl, and decided he was going to try his luck, flip her over and do her doggy style. The girl didn’t complain, and just went along with it. The guy got a little more daring and decided to stick his finger in her ass. She still didn’t say anything, and seemed to be enjoying it. The guy decided to go all the way and proceeded to slip his dick in her ass.
The girl suddenly froze, looked back at him over her shoulder, and said “Don’t you think it’s a little bit presumptuous for you to think it’s okay to f*** me in the ass?”

“Presumptuous is a very big word for a five year old” he replied.

Free adult humour

What’s the worst thing about eating vegetables?
Getting caught up in the wheelchair.

Free adult se*ist joke

What should you do if you find a woman lying in a ditch at the side of the road?
Ask her why she left the kitchen.

Another free adult joke about teachers

A teacher is reading a story to her class of infants, when she notices a wet patch all around a little girl.

Teacher: ‘Oh! Katie, why didn’t you put your hand up?’

Katie: ‘I did Miss! But it trickled through my fingers.’

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